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(2005) Old Man's Child - Vermin
1. Enslaved And Condemned
2. The Plague Of Sorrow
3. War Of Fidelity
4. In Torment's Orbit
5. Lord Of Command (Bringer Of Hate)
6. The Flames Of Deceit
7. Black Marvels Of Death
8. Twilight Damnation
9. ...As Evil Descends
Black metal has returned as Old Man's Child (OMC) have released their sixth installment entitled "Vermin". Many questioned if Galder (the mastermind behind OMC) would ever record another album for Old Man's Child due to the fact that he spent time in Dimmu Borgir since 2001. From the onset of this album, you may draw numerous parellels between this album and a majority of Dimmu Borgir's collection. "Vermin" does have a few more thrashy elements than Dimmu Borgir but on the whole, if you enjoy "Death Cult Armageddon" you will enjoy "Vermin". You have all of the elements of black metal today with symphonic intros and transitions, excellent keyboards, as well as ferocious drumming countered with precise riffing and vocals that range from Shagrath (no surprise) to Dani Filth.
Overall this is probably the best black metal release of the year. I enjoyed every song on this album which is rare for me, even some of Dimmu's collection either bores me or seems unoriginal. "Vermin" keeps your interest throughout and is as original as black metal can be considering I don't see much difference between most black metal bands in the first place. Not to mention the fact that Galder is perhaps the best black metal musician in the business. The man did mostly everything on the album except for the skins which he recruited Reno H. Kiilerich (Panzerchrist, Vile and Exmortem) to add to the OMC assault. Galder also used guitarist Eric Peterson (Testament/Dragonlord) for a few lead guitar pieces on "Vermin". Furthermore, the musicianship throughout the album is unbelievable and pulls no punches. The production is also top notch as every intro, transition, and interlude is well-orchestrated. The entire album is enlightening and as good as black metal gets. Although I thought it would be difficult to duplicate the magnificence of "In Defiance of Existence", OMC once again has released an extremely solid album. Highly recommended release, with few if any flaws.

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