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Article cool game @ youtube 2007-06-12

Something i found on youtube yesterday.

If you need a laugh, you should watch the movie. ENJOY!

 Posted by (frederic)

Article XGL - An Xserver framework based on OpenGL 2006-02-25

XGLNow a days, you see a lot of excitement over XGL - the X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL. What this means is that you can see a flurry of activity on the desktop front, including special effects which would put even the upcoming Microsoft Vista OS to shame. What I find exciting about this project started by David Reveman way back in 2004 is the support and contribution to this project provided by Novell. In fact, Novell has released a few video clips show casing some of the special effects that are possible using XGL which are worth watching. For those of you who are constrained about bandwidth, I have included a few screen shots of the video clips below.

The project is still in the testing phase and so, we the ordinary users, will have to wait with our fingers crossed till a server based on XGL has been integrated with the Linux distributions (I guess, the first one most probably would be SuSE).

 Posted by (frederic)

Article Freeradius + WRT54GS = secure WLAN ^^ 2005-12-04

WRT54GSSo you have a Linksys WRT54GS like me, and you want WPA-radius EAP/TLS security? Well, this howto may be something to help you.

The basic idea is to install HyperWRT to the WRT54GS. I configured it as WPA-Radius to the server where I installed Freeradius.

To configure everything I followed the instructions from the 802.1x HOWTO.

 Posted by (frederic)

Article I Bought an iPod Shuffle! 2005-10-30
ipodYeah I know the Nano came out. But I only need a cheap good mp3player. I had an "MSI MegaPlayer 515", but somehow, i lost it :(

This shuffle is my first Apple article i bought, and i must say... i love it! The sound is really great, and with really, i mean REALLY.
 Posted by (frederic)

Article New album TPH 2005-08-25

Aaargggghhh    I    W A N T     T H A T    A L B U M    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have posted the following message on their site:
TPH "Haters! A little more than a month and a half until Armageddon March Eternal - Symphonies Of Slit Wrists hits all of you like a ton of fuckin' concrete. It went to pressing few days ago and promos will be sent out shortly to all the important magazines and crap. We thought it'd be nice to hand out 1 minute clips of all songs here for you as a teaser until you can download/buy/steal the damn thing in full, so that's exactly what we are going to do. We are so satisifed with what we have achieved together with Dan Swano and Michael (Hakansson) of Evergrey and really look forward to have you fucko's understand the Domination that is this piece of coming plastic. In the meantime, enjoy the clips and buy the damn album when it's out."

 Posted by (frederic)

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