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icon  I Bought an iPod Shuffle!

Posted on (2005-10-30)

ipodYeah I know the Nano came out. But I only need a cheap good mp3player. I had an "MSI MegaPlayer 515", but somehow, i lost it :(

This shuffle is my first Apple article i bought, and i must say... i love it! The sound is really great, and with really, i mean REALLY.

Getting it work in Linux was also easy:

Kernel configuration:

File systems --->
   DOS/FAT/NT Filesystems --->
      <*> VFAT (Windows-95) fs support
   Partition Types --->
      <*> PC BIOS (MSDOS partition tables) support
Device Drivers --->
   SCSI device support --->
      <*> SCSI disk support
   Input device support --->
      <*> Event interface
   USB support --->
      <*> Support for Host-side USB
      [*] USB device filesystem
      <*> EHCI HCD (USB 2.0) support
      <*> USB Mass Storage support

Fstab Entry:

/dev/ipod /mnt/ipod vfat sync,user,noauto,umask=000 0 0

iPod Software:

I highly recommended over GTKPod.

It fully supports the iPod Shuffle and is fully supported in the Gentoo-Portage. Simply emerge gtkpod and configure the necessary preferences. There is no need to manually mount/unmount the iPod Shuffle as with GNUPod and file transfers can be done in a friendly, graphical environment.

I also used the iPod thingie of Amarok, but i had only problems with it, so don't use that :)

[comment]Posted by (frederic)

(Stijn) - 2011-06-01
Fre <3 apple! i knew it

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