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Posted by (frederic) - 2007-06-10
Code cleaning & rewrite internal code.
Posted by (frederic) - 2007-06-09
Added image verification.
It seems i'm getting popular for spamming bots.
Posted by (frederic) - 2006-10-10
Goodbye guestbookspam :)
Posted by (frederic) - 2005-10-02
i SOOOOO hate MS IE. What a piece of crap.
Anyway.. fixed a lot of things. Blogging "should" be ok now.
Posted by (frederic) - 2005-09-25
The site is now valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!
At last ;)
Why didn't i started this from the beginning.
Posted by (frederic) - 2005-08-28
Still a LOT of work todo... currently working @ the review module and finishing guestbookadmin pages.

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